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A mom bear with two cubs

Measuring the mighty bear sense of smell

WSU scientists are working to quantify how a bear's sense of smell works, which could eventually lead to safer bear repellents.

Bear knawing on a log hanging from its kennel

October enrichment videos

Watch two videos of the WSU bears enjoying new treats and figuring out how to get hidden fruit.

Two photographs side by side comparing the size of bears.

Adapting to be a super sleeper

Here's an overview of how and why the bears hibernate, and how they're specially adapted such radical biological changes.

A mother bear with her two cubs sitting in the grass.

Bears feast on fats, reveal health insights

Grizzly bears show no clinical signs of disease following short-term consumption of saturated fats, but scientists question long-term health.

Bear Center Merchandise

You can purchase Bear Center merchandise, including long- and short-sleeve T-shirts, vests, pullovers, and sweatshirts, to show the world you support our bears. Contact Brandon to learn more.